As the trend of buying repossessed cars for personal or business purposes became famous, more and more are getting interested in finding them. Some are even posting questions in Yahoo Answers or Wiki Answers, seeking for someone who can actually give right answer on where can they buy cheap repossessed cars. Now, let me clear the grey sky for you.
Car Auctions would be a common answer. They offer all sorts of cars, all sizes and shapes, all models and types, depending on the availability. Whether the vehicles are seized or repossessed, you have a lot of choice. You pick what you like. These cars have an initial amount and it would go up depending on how many wants the car.

There are four types of auctions, and are done in two ways. Public and Government auction types are open. All you need is a valid ID photo and some have age limitation. Private and Dealers-only are closed types of auction. Car auctions are done either in live (where you have to outbid each other) or silent (your bid is hidden in an envelope). You can know of their dates by calling the lenders or searching in newspapers.

Car dealers can offer you hassle free vehicles when it comes to repairs. Mostly the price they set for a certain car includes the repair fee. You only need to sign up some papers and complete your payment so you can drive home your car.

At times lenders have some repo vehicles that have not yet turn over to auction companies. Call and ask them if you can buy it directly from them.

Online Auction
The same auction rules applied. You can search for online car auction websites and sign up to participate on the bidding. It may cost you few bucks but it will saves you more time. Now the only thing you need to worry is how to transport the vehicle in case you win. However, this can be resolve by contacting the auction companies of that website.

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