Online car auctions represent comfortable, but a bit risky bidding situations.

Let's go with the advantages first. The Internet opened up a full marketplace for wholesalers and finding nice deals has become very easy. You can bid from the comfort of your home, without wasting time getting to the auction place. Car auctions web sites also provide various options, like setting up a ceiling bid and getting an auto-bidding robot on. Before bidding online, you need to do some research to learn about the cars you are interested in, since bidding over the Internet means you cannot inspect the car before.

You also need to make sure the web site you bid on is trustworthy and reliable to ensure secure payments and delivery. Ebay is a good such web site, considering all the payments are made through bank accounts and in case of a scam, the scammer is easy to find. Look at more web sites before choosing the one that you want to bid on, since some require extra fees and charges. Make sure you also keep track of others' bids, as an auction web site always displays the highest bidder and the time left before the auction is closed.

However, online car auctions can be a bad choice too. Although the laws are generally intended to protect the customer, the things might go in the other direction. A powerful phrase at online auctions is "as-is" and it makes an excellent defense for sellers. They put out a detailed description, but miss the problematic issues. Normally, anything can be wrong with a car, from a carburettor to a rotted tire. Excluding minor damage and having the "as-is" tag means you get the car as it is described and you cannot do anything about it. Bidding online represents a risk since you also canoot inspect the car before and see it live, but just pictures of it.

Considering most online actions are started by regular people, it is highly recommended that if you really wish to buy something at an online auction, you need to get to a well known company's web site, rather than just have the badluck of being a scammer's victim.

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